Who is Bryan Neale?

bryan neale
I’m a dad.

I grew up in a small town on the border of Indiana and Kentucky (I speak fluent hillbilly).

I went to Indiana University (I co-founded the IU Dance Marathon in 1991-now one of the largest student led fund raisers in the country).

I’m an NFL referee. (I’m the Umpire – the guy who gets run over a lot.)

I sold, managed people, trained people at one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies headquartered in Cincinnati, OH that sounds like “Shocked Her and Ramble” (but shall remain nameless).

I got my pilot’s license in 1996.

I won a refrigerator on The Price is Right in 1995.

I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane once………once. (Johnny Dangerously)

I’m a self-taught pianist, drummer and guitarist.

I write movies for fun.

I owned a Harley when I was 25.

I smile a lot.

I host The Advanced Selling Podcast with my friend Bill Caskey.

I train, coach and advise sales people, sales managers and CEOs on anything to do with the sales function in their company.

I have a passion for keynote speaking.

I speak to groups at association meetings, corporate outings, fundraisers, and sales meetings.

Whether I’m training a group, speaking on stage or throwing my flag on the football field, I love what I do.